Welcome to The Social Club

Say goodbye to crushing it solo, and get ready to learn deeper, work happier, and grow your game.

Calling all digital dreamers, doers and disruptors..

Our virtual campus of learners, creators and collaborators awaits.

In September 2015, from the grand stage at the iconic Palace Theatre in Calgary, Canada, we proudly launched The Social Club, Social School's original membership program.

In addition to digital marketing learning and growth, it included a renowned live workshop every first Friday of the month, bringing together marketers, communicators and entrepreneurs of all stripes.

As our community has evolved from local to global and our need for connection grows stronger by the minute, it is our huge pleasure to continue the Social Club tradition here, in our new virtual space.

Come for the content, stay for the community.

There are few industries changing faster than that of modern marketing.

Nor so acutely characterized by the need for constant learning, testing, iteration, and – most importantly – collaboration.

While keeping up with today's digital trends, tactics and technology is a challenge, it is compounded by the isolating environment many of us now find ourselves navigating.

But what if working solo from home or within a mini marketing team didn’t also limit you from conversing with actual people in your day to day work? 

And that your driven, passionate, like-minded peers were not just holding you accountable, but co-navigating your modern marketing challenges and cheering on your wins?

And what if all that awesome – plus a whole lot more – was completely free and just a click away?

Find your people, move your digital marketing mountains.

Quite simply, The Social Club is

  • An incredible online community, purpose-built for today’s brightest and boldest marketers, entrepreneurs and beyond
  • The place for today's digital leaders and learners to converse, grow, and succeed – consistently, continually, and together
  • A hub from which to declare your goals, work alongside your peers, and launch your meaningful work into the world

We can hardly wait to see you on the inside.

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